car not starting

Why is my Car not starting


car not starting

An important meeting is due for attending and the stubborn car not starting. Can you relate to the situation? Truly, there would hardly be any person with a car who has not experienced the ‘car strike’. At some point of time, it does go off, until you really, really take care of the car and its condition. You can check out the ‘car maintenance checklist’ to know more about basic car maintenance tips. There can be many reasons as to why is your car not starting. Here are a few main and most common situations of the no-start thing.

Battery troubles:

car not starting
  • One of the most general reasons for a car not starting is a dead or weak battery. You may find your car letting out a ‘click’ kinda sound when you try starting but it isn’t starting. Dead battery is the thing here probably. If the battery is weak, you’ll probably be hearing your car groan with a deep ‘grrr’. If the lights are dimming, it is a further proof that battery is weak or about to die down. You can even check by turning the windshield wipers on.
  • Have a look on the wiring around the starter to find out any loosely connected wires. Also, have a look over the battery terminals to see if the cable connections are corroded or something. Corrosion of battery terminals often prevents car starts. Try tightening the clamps, if you think they are any loose. If your battery isn’t much old, there is a possibility that you can recharge it. One of the ways out when the battery is not old but has been discharged is to JUMPSTART the car and let it run. Here’s How to do it. This way, you can recharge it. However, recharging may not be of any luck if the car battery is old. Getting a new battery is the only way out here.
car not starting

Rainy or winter day issues:

Car not starting during rainy days or winters is something quite common for all the car owners. Battery discharging is quite common during chilly days. There can be other issues as well. Frozen fuel line is one of them. Though it is not quite frequently occurring thing now, there still are chances. The vapour in air stands the possibility of condensing in the tank and then freezing later on. It would be a good idea to keep the tank at least half filled during the winter days.

car not starting


Lights derive power from the battery. The control panel lights aren’t appearing when you turn on the ignition? A dead battery may be the reason. At times, a poor start switch can also be the reason behind. If the headlights are working well, you can be sure about the health of the battery. So, the ignition switch is perhaps the culprit here. Maybe there is some issue with the connection wiring of the switch and battery. Time to get the mechanic here.

car not starting

Cranking an Engine which isn’t starting

Sometimes, the starter motor cranks quite slow without starting. At times, it goes progressively slow until the crank totally dies down to become a simple ‘clicking sound’. Generally, the poor battery is the reason here. There can be some issue with starter motor but it’s rare.  In such cases as well, engine cranks low. Some other reasons generally observed here is old engine oil or low-level engine oil or related mechanical issues. Let your mechanic have a look and advise you if the starter motor has to be replaced or the further course of action.

You hear running pump like sound before cranking

In such circumstances, the culprit can be the fuel pump. A weak or poorly functioning fuel pump may stand as an obstacle for the fuel for reaching the engine. No matter if you have kept the tank full, it still would face the issue until you replace or fix the pump.


car not starting

To put it all briefly, there are 4 main yet simple things that you need to take care or can try checking out when your car is not starting, which is as follows-

  1. The battery of your car. Check if it is totally gone, weak, or is in good condition. Battery problems pop up any random time and even with simple matters. Leave the lights on (even the cabin lights) and your car won’t start the next morning- that’s battery!
  2. Fuel. Yeah, it might be sounding pretty silly here. But it is common than what you can ever think. Check the level and see if there are any leaks or something!
  3. Security systems. May not be the case in all cars, but those with security systems can turn surprisingly troublesome at times. Try putting in the wrong key- you can easily waste next half an hour trying to start the car!
  4. Ignition system. There can be an issue with the ignition switch or cables or such.


P.S. If after a rough examination, you ain’t  able to clearly figure out why your car is not starting, it will b a better idea to call professionals rather than having yourself hurt or ending up with some damages in the process!