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Monday, November 18, 2019

How to check oil in your car

How to check oil in your car     Oil is very important for the smooth functioning of your car. If you are a newbie or a...
clean car windows

How to clean car windows

How to Clean Car Windows     We all clean our cars once in a while. Of course, we need to. Not only dirty windows stand as...
how to wax a car

How to wax a car

  How to Wax a Car Waxing often is a great idea when it comes to preserving the car’s paint and appearance for long while. Not...
how to jumpstart car


How to Jump Start Car : So many times when you forget to switch off your car headlight or forget to switch off the cabin light, or your...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsTxW1P3C6c Hello everyone, how are we all? Today we will be talking about life’s simple lessons...
clean leather car seats

How to clean leather car seats

How to Clean Leather Car seats   Maybe your car came with a beautiful leather seats or seat covers or maybe you gifted your car one....
car overheating

Why is my car overheating?

Why is my Car overheating ? The huge expenditure resulting from an accident from car overheating is enough to throw your yearly budget off the line. Fixing...
how to wash you car

How to Wash Your Car

How to Wash Your Car - Some Important Tips : Each person driving a car will agree that there is indeed some kind of soul residing...