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How to check oil in your car


how to check oil in your car


Oil is very important for the smooth functioning of your car. If you are a newbie or a nonuser, you should know that your car not only needs gas to run. It also needs water as well as oil to function properly. In the absence of water, your car and engine would heat up and seize. In case your car has low oil or bad oil, the moving parts in the engine of your car will collide with each other and will wear out because of that killer friction in the absence of lubrication.

how to check oil in your car

But hey, not to worry too much since it is no rocket science actually. There are only a couple of basic concepts about engine oil to grasp and you are game. The first thing about engine oil that you should know is that every oil has a useful life period. It is the time period within which any engine oil would provide the lubrication properties. Lubrication is essential for your engine when those pistons are moving at a very high speed at a great temperature. Over time, the oil loses its lubrication properties.

The Oil Calendar

As a car owner, you need to maintain an ‘oil calendar’ for your car. What we mean is that you need to keep track of the time when you change your car’s engine oil. Usually, the life of the oil for domestic cars would vary from 3 years, 5 years to a 10 years life cycle. It depends upon the oil that you choose. Once you have hit those miles on your odometer or the useful time period of your oil have lapsed, whichever comes earlier, get your oil changed.

Oil Level

how to check oil in your car

You also need to look for that right level of engine oil in your car. Usually, there is no meter or indication for the oil level in your engine. The commonly used method is by popping up that hood of your car and checking it manually from that dipstick. Well, nothing to worry, since it’s a fairly easy routine. Doing it a couple of times can make you an oil checking expert!.

One important thumb rule in this context is that never check the oil level immediately after using your car. Ideal condition to check it is after a couple of hours post car use. When the engine is running the oil is pushed to all chambers of the oil. It takes a while before all that oil settles in the main tank.

Checking oil level

To check the level of oil in your engine, pop up the hood of your car, locate the engine, which should be pretty easy to locate. Then, look for a the dipstick or an oil pin which is usually on either side of your engine going right to the bottom engine. Pull the stick out, clean it with a cloth at first to remove any oil might cling to the stick from the movement of the engine.

how to check oil level in car

To get the actual oil reading, after cleaning, insert the dipstick back into the engine. Take it out and look for the level of oil on the stick against the marks. You can thus find out is the oil is being low or is up to the required level. If you find out that the oil level has dropped for some reasons, top up the oil level and get your car thoroughly checked for any possible leakage in your engine. If you manage to follow these two routines, it is safe to say that you will have a trouble-free drive. So long! Have a safe drive.


how to check oil in car