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How to Clean Car Windows


how to clean car windows


We all clean our cars once in a while. Of course, we need to. Not only dirty windows stand as an obstacle to clear visibility, but also do dull the look of the vehicle. However, people tend to clean their windows (specifically) quite less, due to the streaks that are left behind after cleaning and wiping the windows. I am quite sure many (if not all) of you have had such frustrating experiences with window cleaning tasks. Most of you would have tried cleaning in different ways to prevent streaks- just without much success. So, here is how to clean car windows to have that shine – without leaving streaks to ruin their look!

What you need:

Start the cleaning process by gathering all that you need for gleaming window. Here is a brief as to the things you need for the process.

how to clean car windows
  • Window Glass cleaning product: Get ammonia free cleansing product. Those with ammonia content dries out the rubber seal and can even prove to be adverse for tinting. So grab an automotive glass cleaner from a nearby store.






  • how to clean car windows

    Microfiber cloth and sponge: The cloth that you choose for cleaning the window plays a key role in determining whether you will get your windows streaked or not. In most cases, the rough clothes or sponges chosen for cleaning car glasses is the key reason for streaks. I recommend a good quality Microfiber cloth/towel for best results. They can deal well enough with tough dirt or stains. Please note that inexpensive or low quality microfiber clothes may not give the desired results. Keep one for scrubbing and one for drying.


  • Bucket/tub: If you bought a concentrated glass cleaning product/solution, you need a bucket or another container to dilute the content by mixing it with water.
  • Clean/distilled water: You need cleaner water for diluting the cleaner solution (if you bought a concentrated one).
  • Wiper: you can choose to use or not use wiper. So, just optional.



how to clean car windows
  • Start with rear (backside) and front windows. Spray in a considerable amount of diluted (if you bought a concentrated solution) cleaner on to the glass.
  • Wipe and clean the windows with the cloth.
  • Roll the side windows down and clean the top most parts. People tend to miss this part out.
how to clean car windows
  • Wipe the windows top-down. You can start at corners and then move to central region.
  • Wipe the side mirrors.
  • Don’t leave out the wiper blades. Leaving any bit dirt on them would mean ruining the shiny look of front window sooner.


  • It is always better to save the windows for cleaning at last. If you choose to clean it first, then probably you will double your work up. Cleaning your car after windows mean getting your shiny window glasses dirty again.
  • Washing the car in advance would mean far less dust or dirt to handle while cleaning windows. So go for it! CLICK HERE to know how to wash your car like a pro!
  • It will be a better idea to carry on the cleaning process in a shaded place rather than in sun. Not only car may get too hot for you to clean, but the water/cleaner could evaporate way too sooner.
  • Clean the windows in different direction (up-down, side-side), so you miss out no spot.
  • For the interior part of windows, do not spray water or cleaner directly. Instead, spray it on to the wiping cloth and wipe the glasses.

That should give you the shine in the windows that you want. Remember clean car with gleaming windows will speak your style statement. All the best.


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