clean leather car seats

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How to Clean Leather Car seats

clean leather car seats


Maybe your car came with a beautiful leather seats or seat covers or maybe you gifted your car one. Either way, you know they do not come cheap. You need to know the way to clean leather car seats, so that you can maintain their beauty for a longer duration. Without proper care, the surface loses its shine, becomes dull and develop cracks. Moreover, leather surfaces can easily have an ‘stressful’ dirt build up.

clean leather car seats

So, here is how you can clean the leather seats or seat cover and make the beauty and luxury lasting.

Cleaning the car seats

You can use seat cleansers or detergents or even some household products to clean the leather seats efficiently.

Using vinegar as cleaning agent

Maybe you did not know, but there are some hidden gems in your house that can serve as great purposes. One such household item is vinegar. Vinegar can work pretty great as a leather cleanser. For this, you can simply use the mixture of vinegar and warm water. No heavy expenditures; no complicated preparation procedures. Here is how you can clean your leather car seats using vinegar.

  • Create a mixture of three parts of vinegar and one part of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
  • Now, keeping a small distance (some 20-25 cm), spray the mixture on the seats. Then, with a wet cloth or towel, gently rub out the surface.
  • Fill plain water in another spray bottle and spray over the surface. Rinse the surface. Let the seat air dry.
white vinegar to clean leather car seats

Cleaning with washing powders

Yeah, there is no limits like your can only clean your clothes with detergents. Cleaning the leather seats would be pretty much challenging when you consider the dirt build up in the case of leather. Detergent can indeed make things easier here! Here is how.

  • Vacuum the seats first. Be sure to vacuum the seats thoroughly and don’t skip cushion behinds or neck rests etc. Take care that you don’t damage the leather in the process.
  • Create a mixture of warm water and one spoon detergent.
  • Spray the mixture over the leather surface. It is okay if you spray a bit extra in the dirty regions.
  • Carefully and gently scrub (use a smooth cloth) the surface then. Note that scrubbing too harshly could damage or even leave scratches on the surface.
  • Then use some plain warm water to rinse the seats. Let them air dry.
clean leather car seats using detergent

Cleaning with leather cleansing products

If you scan through the nearby stores, you can get hold of car leather cleaning products. There are just many of them. It would be a good idea for you to consider different products. Oil or petroleum based ones or lotions would leave a shiny look. Not that it isn’t good- just that the leather would get an unnatural look with that. There are other essentially effective products that would rather give a matte finish.

clean leather car seats

Once you have chosen your product, simply follow the instructions as provided on it. Wipe lightly once you use the product on the leather so that it can get rid of any traces of the cleansers/chemicals.

Using leather moisturisers once in every few months can keep the cracks away. Taking care of your car will ensure that your car takes care of you. It will love you back. Happy Cleaning.

clean leather car seats




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