how to hotwire a car

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How to Hotwire a Car :

how to hotwire a car


Saw those movies with the characters stuck with a dead car? They do something with wires which makes some spark and boom- the car starts! Ever wondered what do they do? They hotwired the car. Want to know how to hotwire a car ? Hot wiring a car is a process of cranking an engine that many people out there do not know. The method is to crank a car without using the key and the conventional ignition switch method. We do not really use this method much in our daily routine lives. Oh, well well, it might interest you to know that hotwiring is totally illegal in some places! This is because there are many illegal ways in which people use hotwiring.

The point in learning how to hotwire a car is that there can be situations when such basic life skill can come handy. Or, you may even save a life or two with your skill- you never know!

Hotwiring the cars from this modern era is not that simple anymore. The method was pretty easy and common for car models till the 90s. Manufacturers now are bringing in sophisticated design parameters and sensors to protect the vehicle owners. If you are an amateur and attempt to hotwire some modern cars you might end up triggering the alarms. Some cars even go into protective mode once it detects any attempt to hotwire the vehicle.

Hotwiring a car, however, is not that difficult and does not require you to be a wizard as well. It is just the position of wires and security that has become complex. Still, you can handle it if you have the hints.

What you need…

Before you plan on hotwiring a car you need to arrange a couple of things beforehand.

You need:

  • a pair of gloves (to protect yourself from getting electrocuted)
  • a wire cutter
  • some tape and some patience of course.

If you can get your hands on the user manual of the car, that is a huge plus.

Let’s get going…

To start with, get yourself into the car which you wish to hotwire. This may take a little bit of a time in case you are doing it for the first time. Locate the steering column of the vehicle. Look for a bunch of wires that run along the steering column to the steering wheel and the ignition switch. Carefully remove the plastic cover to get more visibility.

how to hotwire a car


Wires wires!

In the panel, you should be able to see a bunch of wires usually separated by cable ties. These set of wires usually serve different sets of purposes from column mounted controls such as lights, cruise controls, the horn, car indicator lights, to power windows, wipers and seat warmers etc. Also included in the set of these wires are the wires leading to the battery, ignition and the starter leading directly the steering column. This is the set of wires you need to work on. It can take you a bit of a time to locate these wires amongst others. You can only be sure about the colour combination of battery, ignition and starter wires by having a look at the user manual of your automobile.

how to hotwire a car

All you need to do is to take these cables and then using the wire cutter cut these cables. Then peel off around 1 inches from both the cables from the ignition and the one coming from the battery. Once you have peeled them off, join the two cables and wrap them around each other. Here you go you have hotwired your car now and you should be able to see all controls being lit up at this point in time.  However, if you want to drive the car you need to make a spark by sparking the two cables with each other to give your car the ignition kick and this would crank your car for you.

So, now that you have a basic idea as to how to hotwire a car, you wont really feel much helpless if situations ask for, right? Oh, well, it’s a good idea to get a bit of practice! All the best….

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