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How to Wash Your Car – Some Important Tips :

Each person driving a car will agree that there is indeed some kind of soul residing in these machines. That is why we feel them to be alive and love them so much. No wonder we want our car to look like new at all times and so we diligently spend time and money on them. I’m sure many of us clean and wash our cars at home just because we love to do so. So if you love to do it then here’s How to Wash Your Car at home, with some important points that you must remember :

Pre-requisites – You must ensure the following:

  • A shady spot to wash your car where direct sunlight does not fall upon it. The sun rays will cause water to evaporate quickly thereby leaving spots on the glass and paint. Choose a cooler part of the day. Mornings are better.
  • A good car shampoo. Preferably with wax so that you can wax as you wash your car. Big NO on using household soap or hair shampoo.
  • A nice soft sponge or washing mitt made of microfiber. These are easily available off the shelf. I use washing gloves made of microfiber which actually make the job very easy and quick. They are good, durable and user friendly.
  • Two buckets. One for mixing shampoo with water to create suds. The second with clean water to rinse the washing sponge or the mitt every time before applying shampoo on the car.
  • A bottle of Glass Cleaner. 3M Auto Speciality Glass Cleaner does the job pretty well. FORMULA ONE  and  MEGUIAR’s PERFECT CLARITY are amazing.
  • Microfiber towels  for drying the car and cleaning the glass.
  • Scrubbing Brush to clean the tires, underbody and mud flaps.
  • Water hose with water supply. You may also like to buy a high-pressure car wash jet. It makes the washing a whole lot easier.
  • Dashboard Polish with applying cloth or Sponge (Optional)
  • Wax Polish (Optional).

MethodHow to wash your car: Two Bucket System:-

Softening the dirt:

wash your car two bucket system
  • Park the car in the chosen shady spot. Ensure all the car windows are closed. Keep the washing stuff nearby. Fill the buckets with the required amount of water. First bucket – Water required to make shampoo suds (foam). Generally 1/4th to half full. Second bucket – 3/4th full to rinse the sponge or washing mitt.



wash your car loosening the dirt
  • First spray water on the rims, tires, wheel wells (onto the mud flaps) and the underbody as much far as you can. You can use a domestic high pressure washer to loosen and remove the solidified dirt underneath the car. I have an amazing car washer from BOSCH which does the job really well without much of a fuss. It has a great reach and pressure, and its multifunction nozzle makes car washing so easy and simple. Its surely worth a try.
  • After the underbody and the really dirty parts, wet the whole surface of the car nicely with water to soften the dirt and grime. DO NOT wet the paint surface with high pressure water jet. This can force the dirt on the car paint to create scratches under the water pressure. Use the low power nozzle to initially wet the surface gently and loosen the dirt.

Shampooing :

  • While the car is wet, mix the car shampoo with water in the first bucket vigorously to make thick suds (foam). The ratio of shampoo to be mixed with water will be given on the shampoo bottle. Generally, it should be around two to three palm-full in a 1/4th bucket of water. You may alter the quantity depending on the car size or the number of washes you intend to give. There are a host of car shampoos available on the net for the  purpose. I have had personal experiences of washing my cars with a variety of shampoos. The ones saying ‘Wash and Wax’ are good ones if you want to give you car a great wash and save time as well. I have used FORMULA ONE Wash and WaxMEGUIAR’s NXT Gen Car shampoo and SCHUTZEN Nano shine Wash and Wax  and believe me they are awesome.


  • wash your car wheels

Rinse the sponge or the washing mitt in clean water first to remove any dirt particles. Then Dip it in the shampoo to start the wash.

REMEMBER every time BEFORE dipping in the shampoo bucket, ALWAYS rinse the sponge or the washing mitt in clean water to remove dirt from it.

ALWAYS wash your car starting with the wheels first. Wash and clean the tires and the rims first. If you wash the wheels and tires at the end, the dirt will spray over to the car body. Now apply the shampoo. Have a separate shampoo sponge for the wheels and tires. Use the scrubbing brush to clean the tires, wheel wells, mud flaps and the underbelly. After cleaning rinse them thoroughly.

  • Now start with the roof of the car.
    wash your car shampoo

    Apply shampoo suds generously with a clean and rinsed sponge or mitt. Move down to the Windshield and other glasses. Rinse the roof and glasses after shampoo.

  • Once this is done then wash the hood, side fenders, headlights and the front bumper. Rinse them with clean water. After this start from the doors of one side and wash your car through the back. Rinse each section as you wash it with shampoo. Remember to keep the whole car wet through the process to prevent water from drying up.

Drying and Cleaning:

wash your car rinsing
  • Once the whole car has been washed and rinsed, use microfiber towels to wipe off the water from the surface. Start from the Top of the car.
  • Use a separate cloth to wipe and clean the glasses and windows. Use the Glass cleaner liquid to achieve spotless windshield. Clean the windshield and window glasses from inside also.


If you intend to wax polish your car, now is the time.

wash your car polish

The car is all washed and clean. Read about some basic nuances on how to wax your car and I’m sure you will able to do a wonderful job. You may not require wax your car if your car shampoo has wax in it.

  • After waxing, polish the dashboard and the door panels with dashboard polish for a bright shine.
  • Check the outlet holes of the windshield water sprayers. Many times you will find them clogged with dirt or polish. Clean them with a needle or a pin.

General Points :

  • Wash the buckets, the sponge, the washing mitt, and the drying towels after you have finished washing your car. This is to remove all the dirt and grime these items have collected as a result of washing the car.
  • Wind up these items and keep them in a clean cupboard for the next wash..
  • To remove hard dried spots of bugs and tar, there are products in the market which can be used. But you need to be very careful while using them.
  • There are some mistakes to be avoided while washing your car. Do check them out here.


I hope this article will adequately help you to understand how to wash your car. In today’s scenario of depleting water sources, it has become imperative for us to save as much water as we can. So it is a humanitarian responsibility on our shoulders that we propagate conservation of water for the future generations to survive comfortably. Therefore, my dear friends:wash your car save earth

  • Do wash your car, but do it only when you feel it is really required so.
  • Wash your car at such a place where the water flowing off from the car goes into the ground and does not run off into the drains (like your garden or lawn).
  • Use eco-friendly car wash products which do not harm the environment.
  • Avoid wasting water while using a water hose or high pressure water jet. Usually go for a two bucket wash if you car is not too dirty.

That would be all. Take Care. ALL THE BEST.


wash your car save earth

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