how to wax a car
how to wax a car


How to Wax a Car

Waxing often is a great idea when it comes to preserving the car’s paint and appearance for long while. Not only would your car look ‘younger’, but your bank account shall remain grateful to you as well. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to wax a car all by yourself!

Before you start…

If you think you need to polish out any scratches or anything, carry it out before you wax. If you painted your car or polished it, make sure it is completely dry before you start with your waxing process. Now, there are products that even work with wet paint, though. Still, it is best used with the paint entirely dry. Be sure to wash your car completely before you wax to remove all kind of dirt and grime. If you plan to wash your car at home it would be a good idea to keep a few tips in mind on how to wash your car.


how to wax a car

Choose your ideal wax. There are a number of wax products available out there. There are a variety of car waxes including spray waxes, liquid wax, sealant, paste wax etc. Search out a bit and find the one suits your need, budget and time. If there is any particular recommendation by the manufacturer in respect of applicator or wax, go for it. Choose a shaded place or parking to carry out the waxing process. Keep away from direct sunlight. Finally, gather all that you need for waxing your car.  I have personally used  FORMULA ONE Liquid Wax  , 3M Liquid Wax and MEGUIAR’s Quik Wax liquid on my car and have found them all to be equally good. They are easy to apply and quickly you can see your smiling face in the shine of your beauty.

Things you need…wax your car


how to wax a car

We are recommending electric orbital buffer for buffing. You can even make use of buffer wheel attached to a high-speed angle grinder. However, there is a certain degree of experience and skill you need for using it in the best manner. Though it produces best results, any bit of mistake can end up causing an issue. You stand the possibility of accidentally causing damage to the paint of your car. This won’t really be a problem if you use the orbital buffer. However, you may have to work just a little longer when using an orbital buffer. But then, it is far better than ending up with greater issues!


Get going..

Now that you are at the action stage, here is what you need to do.


In the process of buffing, you strip off a very thin layer of the car paint. The buffer compound aids in that paint stripping. This gives exposure to the fresh coat of paint, giving your car an overall ‘new’ look. So you can give a bit extra focus on the scratched or weathered areas.


how to wax a car


First of all, apply and spread a considerable amount of the compound on the surface. Don’t make a very thick layer, as you would sweat to buff it off then. Choose panel quarters to work on. Take particular care that you do not accidentally splash it on to rubber or chrome or the windows or glasses. Use the buffing pad to spread it out evenly.

Start buffing with the orbital buffer. Pay attention on keeping the pad straight and perfectly flat the whole time. Work it out in slow back and forth movements until you feel satisfied with the smooth and fresh texture of the buffed region.


You can wax just after you are done with buffing. At a time, work over a small area- around 2-3 square feet. Most car wax comes with manufacturer’s instructions as for the usage and application. Keep in mind the points and steps detailed out on the product.


how to wax a car

Apply wax and evenly spread it with the help of a pad and buffer. Look for instructions as to whether or not you need to let it dry before you remove the wax. Apply wax in small quantities. There is no additional shine that your car will get with extra wax. So just save your time and product. Finally, shine the wax out with a microfiber cloth.


how to wax a car
  • You can wax as often as on every yearly quarter. However, you should not buff frequently. Best done once in a year or so for most average cars. You make it twice if you think your car is quite often exposed to dirt etc. For eg., if you reside in a dry, desert region or a coastal region, you may want to buff your car twice or thrice a year.
  • Wax in a shaded place.
  • You can use polish over buffing compound if the car paint is all good and just need a touch-up. Far less pain shall be stripped away by the polish. The process shall be all the same. Just that you won’t need as much quantity as that of buffing compound.

Keep these points in mind and offer your car a ‘refreshing waxing’ experience!

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