Hello everyone, how are we all? Today we will be talking about life’s simple lessons that everyday activities have to offer. Have you ever thought that driving itself has life’s three basic lessons ingrained into it? Do you know them, don’t worry, let me tell you about them.

I am sure you must be remembering the toll plazas on our beautiful national highways. How many times have you selected a lane and found out that the other lanes start moving faster than yours, the moment you selected your lane?

Ever been late for office? I am sure we all have those days when we get late, and try to remember during these days many a number of times you been aggressive and in a hurry on the road and notice the car that you overtook a while back slips alongside you and gets past you. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

I’m sure you had a of times when you started early and decided to go peacefully , because you had the time, and gently overtook a car or vehicle which has been aggressive on the road , in an unknown hurry pushing its way through .

From these surprisingly common occurrences what inferences and lessons can we draw?

Lesson 1. To get ahead on the road don’t we change our lanes? We switch from the slow moving lanes to the fast moving ones. Similarly, to get ahead in life we need to keep changing our lanes. In other words, we need to keep changing our strategies, game plan and thoughts in line with the surroundings and current scenario. Remember while doing this be patient and calm to avoid accidents.

Lesson 2.  A lot of your progress depends on the choices you make, i.e the lane that you choose, the time that you choose to change your lane or maybe a new experiment to choose your lane against the proven experience. Adventurous,  as it may be, this can very well land you up far ahead of others. The same analogy when applied to life can work wonders and miracles. Right choice at the right time is the recipe for success.

Lesson 3. However just come to think of it, who or what is it that controls the behaviour of the cars ahead of you in your lane? Is there some hidden power, that is guiding who reaches where and when? Having some good luck on your side always helps, isn’t it? I can assure you providence does play its controlling part in the realm of things. All you need to do is do your bit, and move ahead. If somehow the intended speed of progress eludes you, there must be some hidden good.

Remember stay cheerful, happy and keep smiling. I am sure a warm smile from a fellow driver who lets you pass will make your day and soothe your heart. Just follow this principle in life and success will surely be kind to you. That is all I wish to convey. Hope today’s learning will see you ahead in life, have a great day, god bless.

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