cars from aston martin
cars from aston martin

Top Cars From Aston Martin

Any British car fans out there? Yes? You are indeed thinking Aston Martin, right? Oh, we are always right! This British automaker can compete with roughly any other car luxury car manufacturer in styling and designing. The brand does hold a distinct allure added to it with the fact that it is a star-car featured in numerous James Bond movies.

Oh, count us among Aston Martin fans too. As AM fans, here we are bringing to you the irresistible list of coolest top cars from Aston Martin. So, here we go!

Aston Martin Vulcan

cars from aston martin

So much of money, eh? Well, first, it is an Aston Martin and then, well, we will explain in detail. To start with, you cannot call it a mere supercar- it is a ‘Hypercar’ (yeah, that is over and above that old-school supercars). Then, the model’s production is limited to mere 24 (globally). Under the carbon-fibre body, it is a 7L v12 delivering over 800 horsepower. With that, Vulcan won’t take even 3 seconds to roar on from a standstill to 60 miles per hour. Now, do we get to see a coupe as cool as that often? Absolutely, NO. We need to add- this extreme car from Aston Martin is not ‘street-legal’- it’s a track only thing.

Engine: 7 Litres v12

Power output: 820 Horsepower

Number of units made: 24

Current market value: $2.3 million

Top speed hit: 224 miles per hour

Gear system: 6 speed sequential


Aston Martin One 77

cars from aston martin

One look and we fall for this one. One 77 is, without any degree of exaggeration, among the most beautiful models ever produced by Aston Martin. Under that enticing exterior, One 77 is a beast in performance. Though our list does not really give any ranking (all these top models are equally cool), if it was for appearance along with performance, we would give this one rank one. A limited model, only 77 units of this sweetheart popped out from production. Back in the beginning of this decade, you could get one of them for some $1.1 million- just that now the rates are up by over 30 percent! The top speed goes well over the 200 miles line and it takes just 3.5 seconds to reach the speed of 60 miles per hour.

Engine: 7.3 Litres naturally aspirated V12 engine

Power output: 750 Horsepower

Number of units made: 77

Current market value: $1.5 million (approx.)

Top speed hit: 220 miles per hour

Gear system: six speed automated transmission


Aston Martin Vanquish S

cars from aston martin

This list must have one of the latest cars from Aston Martin. Now, this may not really be a ‘super sports car’ stuff, but surely is, as the British manufacturer refer it to be, a ‘super grand touring’ stuff. Floor the pedal, this thing will cross the 60 miles line in a matter of 3.5 seconds. The engine, though same as the predecessor, produces about 600 horsepower with the model’s improved aerodynamics. The model gets full marks for its improved styling, luxury and design. AMi III Infotainment system, Filograph quilt design options etc. are among major interior updates features. May be that’s the reason why this car has been the favourite of super spy James Bond 007 in the movie ‘Die Another Day’.

Engine: 6 Litres V12

Power output: 600 horsepower

Number of units made: under production (approx. base)

Current market value: $315,000

Top speed hit: 201 miles per hour

Gear system: eight speed automatic- Touchtronic


Aston Martin DB11

cars from aston martin

A perfect blend of dazzling look and amazing, latest technology is the DB11 from Aston Martin. Certainly, it got widespread appreciations and positive reviews across the web for a reason. The model is available as a coupe as well convertible. 3.9 seconds is what this guy needs to accelerate from a standstill to 60 miles per hour- which is pretty cool for a grand tourer, we must add.  DB11 is important as well since it is the first model to get under production in the entity’s ‘Second Century Plan’ and is a replacement of the good old DB9. Oh, did we forget to add that within the premiere duration of the coupe itself, over 1400 orders were made for this Aston Martin guy!

Engine: 5.2 Litres twin-turbo V12 or 4.0 Litres twin-turbo V8

Power output: 600 horsepower

Number of units made: under production

Current market value: $215,000 (approx. starting)

Top speed hit: 200 miles per hour

Gear system: eight speed automatic


Aston Martin V12 Vantage Zagato

cars from aston martin

Early automobile enthusiasts know that DB4 GT Zagato holds a place among the most iconic and admirable sports vehicles of the ’60s. So in 2011, to commemorate the completion of 50 years of the legendary race car, Zagato and Aston Martin partnered up once again and V12 Vantage Zagato was born. Just 150 of this ‘memorial’ stuff exist. The 6 litres v12 can produce an output of 510 horsepower and accelerates in 4.2 seconds to cross the 60 mile speed mark (on its way to the top speed of over 190 miles per hour). Price is pretty worth it, right?

Engine: 6 Litres V12

Power output: 510 horsepower

Number of units made: 150

Current market value: $520,000

Top speed hit: 190 miles per hour

Gear system: six speed automatic


cars from aston martin

We hope you liked this list of cars from Aston Martin. Do share your views with us about your favourite Aston Martin in the comments section! Ta Da.!!

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