cars from jaguar
cars from jaguar

Top cars from Jaguar

A luxury vehicle brand and a subsidiary to Jaguar Land Rover, Jaguar was originally founded back in the 1930s- almost 80 years ago. Any luxury lover would have some pieces of these leaping cats to eye upon. Confused over which of these to like more in the crowd of Jaguars? Take a look here- we have put up a list of best models among all the luxuries that this brand gave us. Keep scrolling!

Jaguar F-Type SVR

cars from jaguar

2017 saw the reveal of one of the most powerful driving machines from Jaguar- F-Type SVR. The vehicle is available as coupes as well as convertibles- both equally competent and powerful. Just that the coupe has got the top speed a tad higher than the convertible variant. The improved aerodynamics and the supercharged V8 together put out a show of some really amazing performance and produce an output of 550 Horsepower. Acceleration to 60 miles per hour comes in just 3.5 seconds. This is among the fastest production cars from Jaguar, revealed at Geneva Motor show.

Engine: 5.0 litres supercharged V8

Power output: 550 Horsepower

Number of units made: under production

Current market value: $126,000 (coupe) 129,000 (convertible) (approx. starting)

Top speed hit: 195 miles per hour (convertible); 200 miles per hour (coupe)

Gear system: eight speed automatic transmission


Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Hennessey HPE600

cars from jaguar

Guess what can come out when a Jaguar F-Type R coupe gets a Texas tune up? Let us tell you- a level better power and performance. While the model certainly makes it to the list of fast cars, it qualifies to find a place among the most elegant coupes as well. No, it isn’t some usual thing under that feminine sounding word. Show it to the road and you will know this is a whole ‘rowdy’ kinda thing under the hood. The 2014 model’s acceleration of 0-60 comes in 3.8 seconds- that is beyond just ‘decent’; it crosses the 124 miles line in 11.4 seconds- and that is incredible.

Engine: 5.0 Litres supercharged V8

Power output: 623 Horsepower

Number of units made: under production

Current market value: $210,000

Top speed hit: 126 miles per hour

Gear system: Six speed automatic transmission


Jaguar XJR 15

cars from jaguar

With just and only a few over 50 pieces produced, XJR 15 is one of those rare, unique models given by Jaguar. 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration of this mid engine sports comes in just 3.1 seconds. The model was specifically built with a focus on the Jaguar Sports Intercontinental Challenge back in 1991.The model never really got out of Europe, except for some 3 models that made their way out to US. The concept had its birth in 1988 and is based on the XJR 9 technology. The development was a result of the keen interest of numerous wealthy sports car enthusiasts in the model and its technology and their frequent press on the manufacturer to build a road version of the same. Guess what, one could fall head over heels in love with this one- we absolutely did.

Engine: ‎6.0 Litres Jaguar V12

Power output: 450 Horsepower

Number of units made: Fifty three

Current market value: $1 million (approx.)

Top speed hit: 186 miles per hour

Gear system:  six speed manual transmission


Jaguar XJ220S TWR

cars from jaguar

XJ220 itself had made records as fastest production car- so you know what level we are to expect from this ‘improved’ version of XJ220. A 1994 model, it is among the best performing Jaguars, apart from being the fastest one. Let’s start the explanation with its top speed- the variant has got the top speed of 229 miles per hour, which is among the highest speeds of any production car from Jaguar. Acceleration of 0 to 60 miles per hour comes in about 3.3 seconds. With the more powerful twin turbo v6 engine, the power output got a cool boost from the basic (around 540 HP) to over 650 Horsepower.

Its hugely cut down weight, (about 400 KGs reduced) is another of the contributors in its incredible and astounding performance. For getting that edge, the already light weight aluminium body was almost completely replaced with carbon fibre. Added to this were an adjustable rear spoiler, wider sills and a front splitter. Out if the limited 9 units built, 6 were the road going versions. Now you know, a limited edition high performance car doesn’t come cheap, right?

Engine: 3.5 litres Twin turbo V6

Power output: 665 Horsepower

Number of units made: Nine

Current market value: $250,000 (approx.)

Top speed hit: 229 miles per hour

Gear system: 5 speed manual transmission


Jaguar XKR-S GT

cars from jaguar

Another of the powerful beasts from the England based automaker. This had its development rooted on the success of its predecessor, XKR S (2008 model). With improved aerodynamics, the model crosses the 60 miles per hour line in 3.6 seconds, on its way to hitting its top speed that is 186 miles per hour. The string of unique and distinct features that it carries makes it stand out in any crowd of cars. The model rides low, with a 10 mm height reduction. Simply in a line, it is rare, powerful, fast and well, expensive!

Engine: 5.0 litre supercharged V8

Power output: 550 horsepower

Number of units made: 30

Current market value: $175,000

Top speed hit: 186 miles per hour

Gear system: six-speed ZF automatic transmission

Let us know if your favourite Jaguar made it to our list. Don’t forget to share the list with all your car enthusiast friends!


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